Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Marilyn, It, and Me

Did you ever look at a sewer grate and worry that, if you walk on top of it, you'll fall right through the bars?  Sure, it may be irrational, but that doesn't make the fear any less real.  Going to college and majoring in Education is a lot like walking on top of a sewer grate.  Certain classes, professors, theories, and experiences may make you feel like, at any second, the grate will give way and you'll be lost to the watery grave of chewed-gum, crumpled leaves, and Steven King's It character forever.  In the next minute, however, you could be a Marilyn Monroe look-alike, not only walking on the grate, but posing, allowing this previous fear to not only help you, but allowing it to make you famous.  That's what this blog is about.  My name is Kara, I'm an English Education major in my second year of school, and I will be writing about the sewer grate that is the college experience.  Some days you may feel like you're about to slip through and get washed away... but other days... 
boy, can this place blow your dress up!