Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Capture the Flag, Floor Socials, and Salad Forks

"We're playing capture the flag!  TELL EVERYONE!"
As I sat desk in my building tonight, part of the wonderful duties and responsibilities of being a Community Assistant, hordes of underclassmen, in all-black, congregated.  Naturally, the CA in me became suspicious and nervous,  "Please don't be doing anything illegal on my duty-night." Yet, at the same time, the normal college student in me wanted to join them.  As the other on-duty CA and I sat behind the desk, confined to our responsibilities and schoolwork, the fun continued.  Kids kept arriving, from various floors, buildings, and other mysterious locations, all clad in black pants, black hats, and long black socks pulled high over their soon to be grass-stained and bloody knees.  Other CAs arrived in the lobby, coming and going from the library or other jobs, all stopping and staring open-mouthed at the now 25+ students assembled for battle in our building lobby.  "This is more residents than I've ever had at one of my socials... ever."   
"Who organized this?"  "They did." 
Sure it's not an "offical" social.  Sure, according to my "Weekly Report" that I turn in every Sunday, it's not even valid.  But these are the socials that really count.  You don't need a paid individual to create fliers and set up a "floor social" for kids to make friends.  You don't need linen table cloths and three different types of forks to eat a delicious meal.  You don't need a $100 skirt and four inch heels to be attractive.  Sometimes, less is more.  Sure, it might be nice to have an organized hall event, a seperate fork for your salad, and a nice dress pump to pair with your pantsuit, but is it really necessary?  We make things so fancy in today's society, but do we really need to?  Would the salad be that different if you ate it with the same fork you ate your main course with?  Would you be any less attractive in a smaller, more comfortable, less expensive heel?  Does it really matter?  I can tell you one thing.  Those kids outside, the ones tackling each other on the muddy hill behind our building, the ones rolling around in search of two old rags... 
those kids are having fun. 

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