Thursday, March 29, 2012

Undergraduates, Whales, and Loafers

Any undergraduate student at a State University would be able to describe the typical outfits of females on a night "out on the town."  Tight, short skirts, low cut tops, see-through fabrics leaving little to the imagination.  High heels are common, and the makeup is plentiful.  Recently, I had a friend tell me, in a voice dripping with shock and wonder, that she received "SO MANY" compliments this past weekend, after she had worn jean shorts and a T-Shirt out!  All those skin-tight outfits with heels high enough to be considered a weapon had never granted her this much attention!  This not only made me smile, but it also made me wonder.  In the undergraduate world, comprised of skipping classes, underage day-drinking, and "friends with benefits" relationships, why is the most common summertime outfit of jean shorts and a T-Shirt rare to see?  The idea that less is more has been taken literally, making skirts shorter and tops lower... to the point where the girl in a T-Shirt may get the most attention of all.  The same can be said about the ambition in the undergraduate world.  I notice, as I consistently decline offers to skip class and participate in what sound like fun, but also seem a bit illegal, plans, that I am one of few, instead of one of many.  I will admit that working three jobs and taking eighteen credits is a lot of work, but I am constantly surprised at the amount of students who are simply relying on loans or Mom and Dad to get them through school.  I am constantly surprised at the lack of student workers on campus, and the abundance of individuals complaining about their lack of money.  If you want to have money and not worry about paying your loans back, get a job.  If you want to remember your nights, stop drinking so much.  If you want to be respected, wear a longer skirt.  The world of undergraduate students is unlike any other place in the world, and I love it.  I love the spirit, the creativity, and, like Asher Roth told me I would, I love college!  I just wish there were more jean shorts, and less hooker heels.  I wish there was more drive, and less drunken driving.  I wish more students would discover what I have already: that you CAN work your way through college and graduate almost debt free.  That you CAN wear jean shorts and loafers to a party and still have a good time.  It just seems like, in the undergraduate animal kingdom, students like me, working and wearing loafers, are becoming extinct.  So here's my SAVE THE WHALES campaign.  We're a dying breed.  Do your part, don't complain, don't join the hooker-heel wearing least not every night.  Change the world; save the whales, one Saturday night in loafers at a time.


  1. There's a limit to what is responsible, recommendable, and appropriate in college, no matter how many songs like Asher Roth's promote the "wasted" lifestyle. Even going to the bars around here isn't much fun anymore because you're right, there's definitely too much going on that is hypocritical and some of the behavior patterns I see just don't quite line up with how I want to be seen as a young adult. It's just as easy to enjoy a few drinks with friends and be responsible as it is to go black out. I love having a few beers with friends, but it gets old when fights break out around you every weekend, girls dress less and less as it gets warmer, people are carrying friends back to dorms, and you know that some of them are barely older than you.

  2. I think this is a good time to explain why my blog is titled "I Chill on Couches at Parties". I have developed a strong dislike for the the party scene. Sure, there are times when I don't mind going to some random party here, but those times don't come often. If you do see me out and about on the weekend, I'm either at my own apartment party, or I'm chillin' on someone's couch. After feeling like I was above the law here during my freshman year, I realized I would much rather hang out with my friends and have a few drinks than go to some wild party. I don't feel like I can relate to a lot of the party-goers here and I reflect on that in one of my many alternative-pop songs... "I chill on couches at parties/ cause I don't drive a Ferrari/ and I can't relate to the music they play..."