Thursday, March 22, 2012

Questions, Happy Shows, and City Schools

"You can't live like that.  You need to wake up.  Life's not happy."

Why not?  Have you ever asked this question, not to a professor refusing to extend a deadline, or to a parent denying you the right to stay out past curfew, but to life?  To society?  Have you ever questioned the world we live in?  Sure, those that look at the world with a happy, positive, optimistic outlook are rare, and often considered naive... but are they wrong?  Is it wrong to only watch happy movies and sitcoms, consistently changing the channel from violence and crime shows?  Is it wrong to compliment strangers, and smile at people who pass you on the sidewalk?  Would the world not be a better place if instead of thinking "look at everything that's going wrong in my life" everyone thought "look what's going right!"  The mind is a powerful thing, and choosing to view the "glass of Earth" as half full instead of half empty is something we, as individuals, can chose to do.  Positivity is contagious, and stress is bad for your health.  So why surround yourself with negative energy, negative shows, negative people... why not change the channel, laugh a little, and tell your 8th grade students from a city school that they can be whatever they want to be?  Sure, it might be a little unlikely, but so are a lot of things, and they're more likely to succeed with positivity and encouragement than with "you won't make it," negativity.  We've walked on the moon, we've made vaccines, we have internet on our phones... WE, as a human race, can do anything we put our minds' to.  So when society tells me I need to "grow up" and "stop being so positive" because "the world's not a happy place," I have just one thing to say.   
"Why not?"


  1. Interesting...I think I will post about this positivity negativity thing...The glass is half empty or half full analogy is a bit misleading for me. It implies that we must either be an extremely positive person or an extremely negative one. In my opinion, the truth is that both extremes are foolish. The world is full of negatives and positives...and we should recognize them both, not choosing one over the other but accepting a balanced view of the two. thoughts?

  2. Tim, I completely agree. I absolutely cannot stand people who only seem to complain day in and day out about EVERYTHING, yet there are days when things aren't going perfectly and it's hard to see the glass half full. Does that mean I'm going to walk around miserable like someone just killed my, but that doesn't mean I'm going to be able to put a smile on my face and act like everything is sugar and spice because it isn't. I always use this analogy. When you were little and you went to the doctor's to get a shot did your parents tell you it wouldn't hurt and then you were shocked when the painful sting of the needle took you off guard? Or did your parent tell you that it would in fact hurt, but only for a minute and then you'd be fine. If you recall the latter I'm sure you received the shot and left tear free because you expected it to hurt. We shouldn't lie to our students and tell them unrealistic things, however, we don't need to make the world out to be a dark and scary place, either. Not all things are black and white. If you act like things can always work out the chance the individual with this mentality is able to handle an unfortunate situation is slim. All I do is always be ready for the worst and hope for the best.

  3. I find "growing up" to be incredibly silly. I don't really have too much to say about this, but I thought I'd throw in my two cents. Why the heck should we grow up? "Adults" are silly...