Thursday, April 19, 2012

Big Boy Jobs, Stress, and the Final Three Weeks

In the world of three weeks left in the semester, where an additional reading assignment can bring you to tears, convincing you that you may not graduate EVER, it is important to breathe.  As stressed and worried as we may be, these last three weeks mark the end of the road for many of us.  Many will be graduating, moving on to big girl and big boy jobs out in the real world, leaving the days of day drinking, afternoon naps, and underclassmen friends behind.  For those of us not graduating, these last three weeks mark the end of another school year.  Good or bad, in three weeks, it'll be done, never to be repeated.  In three weeks, we will no longer be able to make, in my case, Sophomore Year Memories.  In three weeks, for three months, we will be unleashed into the summer workforce, thinking back longingly of the days when all we had to do was complain about the food on campus and the necessary evil of waking up for class.  Three weeks stands between us and the end.  For me, three weeks marks milestone: a half-way point in my college career that says, "You're almost done!" with a happy optimistic face as well as "You're almost done!?!?" in a panicked, fear of the real world shriek.  Two out of my four SRU years will be completed in three weeks, leaving me with only two more years left to enjoy.  Three weeks.  Three weeks full of finals, exams, projects, senior send-offs, scheduling errors, and graduation.  Three weeks full of stress, headaches, tears, all-nighters, and goodbyes.  Three weeks, and we're done.  We may wish these weeks away now, desiring nothing more than the sun of summer and the bliss of being finals free... but our time here in this "fake real world utopia" of college is limited, and the ever impending Big Boy Job is only getting closer.  Three weeks.  You'll never get them back.  Breathe.  Forget the stress.  Make 'em count.


  1. I know how you feel. I remember thinking, "It's already over?!" after my freshman year... even my sophomore year for that matter. As my junior year winds down, I'm getting a little scared. What's senior life going to be like? I guess I'll find out...

  2. I think about this all of the time...I wrote about something similar in one of my blogs a few weeks ago. The fact that the months go fast is still unbelievable to me and I guess all we can do is indeed make them count!