Friday, April 13, 2012

Justin Bieber, Wedgies, and Inhibitions

As I was working one of my regular on-campus jobs, a Thursday night shift from 8-Close at the student recreation center and gym, I found myself listening to the music that was playing.  I did not pay attention to the words, nor could I hear them very well.  I simply was behind the desk, organizing the night's equipment logs, and found myself dancing to the beat.  I thought, "Wow, this is really catchy and interesting, I should turn it up and hear what song it is so I can download it!"  As soon as I did so, I was immediately embarrassed, because it was Justin Bieber's new hit, Boyfriend.  This made me wonder... why did I suddenly feel guilty and embarrassed for liking this song? I had been fully enjoying the song, until I found out who sang it.  This is something that often happens in society, and something that especially happens in high school classrooms.  The need to fit in, to blend with the monochromatic society that surrounds us is so overwhelming that we often sacrifice the things we really love and enjoy.  The only time we are immune to this pressure is when we're little, and we have no concept of society or the rules and expectations that come with it.  Little kids will pick wedgies in public, not caring if anyone saw.  They will dance in the middle of a parking lot, or a living room, oblivious to the looks and stares they receive.  They will dress themselves in non-matching clothes, pairing their favorite items together.  Little kids are so uninhibited; it's beautiful.  I often wonder why this uninhibited nature needs to end?  Just because society says Justin Bieber is an eleven year old girl's dream stud does not mean that I can't blast his song on repeat in my college dorm room.  I think the world would be a much more free and truthful place if we all stopped worrying so much about what others think and did what made us happy.  So what if you get weird looks in the Quad because you're wearing socks with your sandals?  I bet you're comfortable.  Be a kid!  Be free.  Pick your wedgies, dance in a parking lot, and risk the "social sin" of not matching for a day.  I'll be joining you, blasting Bieber on repeat.


  1. Word. As you now know, I love that song. Justin Bieber doesn't appeal to just middle school girls! Usually I turn it down when I pull into the parking lot here, but every once and a while I let the world know I'm a Bieber fan.

  2. I also admit that this has been on repeat on my iPod for the past few days, along with One Direction's "That's What Makes You Beautiful." At first I was sort of hesitant about liking either of them- one being by Bieber of course, and the other by a new boy band that seems like something I would have liked when I was 12. But I gave in because I think they are great songs and very catchy. If someone judges me for listening to either of them my only response will be to turn the music up!